Heavenly Diapercakes 

Fresh From Above

Fresh From Above, LLC Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers an affordable, creative, superior quality gift.  We strive to provide excellent customer service.

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Fresh From Above was formed in 2007. I'm the owner, Bonnie. It is my belief that babies are fresh from God, therefore Fresh From Above.  I have been a Registered nurse for 30 plus years. My specialty is obstetrics.  I love helping new life come into the world.  I wanted to create memorable baby gifts for a parent or parents of a newborn.

Fresh From Above diaper cakes are made at the time of order with care and attention to detail.  The essential baby supplies used to make our diaper cakes are items we would purchasefor our own famly and friends.  Name brand products are used in our gifts.  

We do not use glue, tape or rubberbands to attach items to the diapers or cloth items in our products.  Our diaper cakes are made in a non-smoking sanitary work area. We want to assure that our products are as pure as possible before coming in contact of a new life.